Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miche Bag was created by a homemaker, who spilled something on her favorite handbag.  She got frustrated thinking on buying a new bag.  She came up with the idea of creating a bag with changeable covers.  The homemaker created Miche Bag.  There are so many shell's, base bags and accessories for you to choose from.  The shell's and base bag come in different sizes, whether you like it big or small.  The possiblity is using the same bag.  Just changing the shell to look like, it's another bag.  What a way to style and match the clothes your wearing.

The long handle can be used the way you want. I have put it incorrectly and correctly, just for you to see it can be styled in many ways. Miche sent us a Demi Base Bag, 2 Demi Shell's, Morgan Hip Bag, Hope Charmer. 

Above you can see one of the Demi Shell's and below it's in another color. 

Here is the Demi Base Bag. This is what goes inside the Demi Shell. The Demi Base Bag doesn't come out of the Demi Shell. It stays in place and no body will ever know you just changed the shell of the bag. 

When you need a bag that can fit many things. The Demi bag is so spacious. Look what I put in the Demi Bag: my wallet, bag of snacks for the kids, pen, lip gloss, receipts and brush. There was still more place to put things inside the bag. 

Do you know about the Morgan Hip Bag? Well it's a black and smaller bag with long straps. I do like using smaller bags at times. It really depends where I am going out to. The Morgan Hip Bag is comfortable to wear around. It fits just what you need to get around. 

One of Miche Bags accessories is the Hope Charmer.  It's a cute way to make a statement to express you and style your bag. 

Dress up your Demi Bag using the Hope Charmer.  It's a center piece of a conversation.  You will be asked where did you get that bag and charm. 

Miche Bag has offered to giveaway one Demi Base Bag and Demi Shell to one of my readers.  You get to pick the Demi Shell you like.

To buy a Demi Base Bag, Demi Shell or other products for you and a friend visit Miche Bag.  Their bags retail between $30 to $40.  Miche Bags are nice quality bags, that are priceless.
Good Luck!

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