Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Entenmann's story started by a baker from Struttgart, Germany.  Willam learned to bake from his father and had a job in America at bread bakery.  In 1898, he opened his own bakery in Brooklyn, New York.  Where he delivered fresh-baked goods door-to-door. Entenmann's prospered in the century and opened the largest baking facility in New Jersey and Connecticut.  Enternman's continues to bake donuts, cakes, pies and more everyday. Their food goods are available in supermarkets everywhere.

Who doesn't love a taste of heaven.  Entenmann's makes delicious fresh-baked goods to enjoy whenever.  One of our favorites is their Little Bites Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes. It's hard to share them.  It's great to save some for later.  The cream center filling is so tasty and the chocolate bites just waters your mouth.  It comes in a sealed plastic pouch with two cupcakes and only 250 calories. The cupcakes is topped with a white glazes.  Giving the cupcakes a great appearance and hard to pass up.  If you are a chocolate lover.  You should try the Little Bites Creme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes for yourself. 

Another taste of heaven is Enternmann's All Butter Loaf Cake.   It's so delicious and goes great with coffee, tea, fruits and ice cream.  You just can't have one piece.  When taking a bite out of the cake. It's light and fluffy.  Enternmann's baked-goods always is evenly baked. The cake has 150 calories.  It's never over sweetened.  The butter and sugar doesn't overwhelm the cake. They made the cake with the perfect ingredients.  You should try the All Butter Loaf Cake and include your own recipe.  

Connect with Enternmann's on Facebook and let them know MomsBestOf sent you.   While your on their Facebook page.  Leave them a comment with a photo creating a recipe using the All Butter Loaf Cake.  Like Enternmann's on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for baked-good offers and more.  Find products to use for recipes, buy clothes and more  Enternmann's has many different baked-goods.  Visit them in their website and find the many baked-goods for you


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